Can You Sublimate On Glass? Step By Step Guide

Every day, sublimation becomes less difficult. Now, a wider range of items can be sublimated. One of items that can be sublimated is the Glass. Before, that was not conceivable, but with the new approaches, it is definitely doable and produces excellent outcomes.

Glass sublimation is a potential new business venture for you. There aren’t many workers on the field presently. After seeing those wonderful mugs with photographs or other designs on them, you want to make your own but don’t know how.

Can You Sublimate On Glass?

Any size of circular or rectangular tempered glass can be sublimated effectively. Because tempered glass can endure high temperatures and pressure from the heat press, you can easily use sublimation on Glass. The tempered glass is highly reflective and has an opaque white back.

In contrast to what we often do for conventional sublimation blanks, your image or graphic should not be mirrored. Since sublimation will take place towards the rear of the glass rather than the front, you can sublimate on materials other than glass, such as aluminum, acrylic, and wood.

If you want to do sublimation on Glass, then you will need the following materials for effectively carrying out the process:

Sublimation Printer:

You need a sublimation printer before you can sublimate images onto glass cups. Special inks are used in this kind of printer, and they heat-transfer the ink to the substrate.

Sublimation Ink:

Additionally, you’ll need to buy sublimation ink, which is developed specifically for this kind of printing.

Glass Blanks:

These are the glass mugs that you want to apply the sublimation on. These blanks are available as already created, or you may make them yourself.

Transfer Paper:

Prior to applying your artwork on the glass cup, print your design onto this.

Heat Press Machine For Glass:

The picture is transferred from the paper to the substrate using pressure applied by the heat press machine. The steps of the sublimation process are broken down and written separately on the glass.

Steps For Sublimation On Glass:

  • The design you want to sublimate onto the glass mug can be made yourself or can be purchased.
  • You can easily print the design by using the special sublimation printer and the sublimation ink.
  • Put the design on the blank piece of glass.
  • In the heat press, you will have to put the glass blank now in this step. 
  • Set the heat press’s parameters such that glass will be sublimated.
  • Allow the heat press to finish its work before closing it.
  • Open the heat press when the given time has passed, then take the glass cup out.
  • The glass mug should now be placed for cooling.
  • Enjoy your brand-new glass-sublimated mug!


This article has summarized if you can use sublimation on glass and the procedure for Sublimation on Glass. 


Glass Sublimates At What Temperature?

Set the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, you will also have to place the wrap in the convection oven’s center rack while it is upside down. 

On Mason Jars, Is Sublimation Possible?

Many different materials can be sublimated. To do it, you simply need the necessary skills and equipment. Sublimation is also achievable in mason jars. But the jar needs to be transparent and made of glass. You will also want a unique heat press for it. You’ll need a mason jar heat press for mason jar sublimation that can heat circular press objects.

How Can Glass Coasters Be Sublimated?

The glass coaster can be sublimated using the same technique as other types of glass. Place your printed design on the sublimation paper, cover it with a vinyl sheet, add some fluid for the vinyl wrap, and heat press.

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