Can You Sublimate On Stainless Steel Tumblers? Complete Guide

Do you have a tumbler made of stainless steel? You may be asking how to sublimate them if that is the case. 

You can use a heat press to sublimate stainless steel tumblers by following the instructions in this article. Read the article to find out: can you sublimate on stainless steel tumblers

Can You Sublimate On Stainless Steel Tumblers?

On a variety of substrates, sublimation printing is a fantastic technique for producing distinctive and personalized graphics.

But can stainless steel tumblers be sublimated? The quick response is “yes”! But before sublimating, you’ll need to add a polyester coating.

First, only polyester is compatible with sublimation inks. Metal must first have a polyester coating if you want to sublimate onto it.

You can start the sublimation process after the metal has been suitably coated. Be aware that the outcomes will change based on the metal you use.

It’s always advised to test out the method on a tiny area before tackling the complete project for the best results.

Make Stainless Steel Sublimation Coating:

On stainless steel, sublimation can be done using a variety of coating types.

Heat is used to cure the coating after it has been applied as a powder. A sound barrier against oxygen and moisture is created by powder coating, which is very robust.

E-coating is a different kind of coating that can be applied. E-coating is applied as a liquid, then charged electrically to cure it. E-coating is also very resilient and offers effective defense against moisture and oxygen.

Stainless steel can also be sublimated using PVD coating as a final option. A high-energy ion beam is used to cure the PVD coating after it has been applied as a thin film. PVD coating offers a high-quality image but is thin and offers little protection from oxygen or moisture.

Before starting the sublimation process, let the coating entirely dry after applying it. Your stainless steel item will appear at its finest as a result of doing this.

Sublimation On Stainless Steel Tumblers:

A solid can become a gas through sublimation without going through the liquid phase. Stainless steel is only one of the materials that can be used for this.

To enable the ink to adhere to the steel, the tumbler’s printed surface needs to be coated with a polymer.

The tumbler is placed in a heat press that has been preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit after the design has been printed on it. The ink becomes a gas as a result and bonds with the steel. 

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This article has guided you about the possibility of using sublimation on stainless steel tumblers.


Why Does My Sublimation On The Tumbler Appear Faded?

You might not be using the right kind of paper and ink, which could be one reason why your sublimation appears faded. Make sure to only print on stainless steel tumblers with sublimation-compatible paper and ink. You may have missized your larger image since you did not properly adjust it, as another reason. 

Can You Directly Sublimate Onto Glass?

Tumblers made of sublimation glass are required. On the ordinary glass, this method is ineffective. The colors of effective images are dark, vivid, and dynamic. When sublimating onto clear glass, you’ll achieve the darkest color transfer in this manner.

Can Wood Be Sublimated?

Fortunately, the response is yes, and you can use sublimation on wood.

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