How to Convert Epson 7620 to Sublimation Printer

Did you know that you can convert Epson 7620 to sublimation printer? The process is merely simple as you can do it by simply replacing the inks.

The best way is to avoid introducing the Epson cartridges that came with the printer. Instead, you can use a bunch of refillable cartridges with packed ink or a bunch of feasible sublimation cartridges.

The WorkForce WF-7620 is a dye-sublimation printer that produces high-quality prints which last a long time.  Despite this, a greater advantage is that it comes with two paper plates.

These two plates have a capacity of 500 sheets each. It can print and sweep up to the size of a newspaper. For this reason, you must be wondering how to convert Epson 7620 to sublimation printer in easy steps.

This variable is unconcerned about the ability to print on letter-size paper. As an inkjet printer that has a lot of features, it bears a great deal of resemblance to the some of the other printers in the business.

This printer can also print from a PC over a secured web connection but only when you have prepared it well enough. So we will guide you how to convert Epson 7620 to sublimation printer.

Steps to Convert Epson 7620 Into Sublimation Printer:

This printer configuration was not designed for sublimation printing. You may use these printers for sublimation printing if you make the necessary changes to them. This sensible option is favoured by a large number of people.

A piezo print head in Epson printers distributes ink in a quantitative manner. The key rationale for why you may alter them for sublimation printing is this piezo print head.

If your Epson printer is currently using another ink, you should clean it immediately after installing a new sublimation ink in the cartridges, then continue with the procedure.

  • You can start by removing the old ink cartridges from your printer.
  • Then you can search for a good ink for sublimation from a verified brand like Performance-D from InkOwl.
  • Then refill the ink by using new set of refillable cartridges in your printer and install them correctly with a DIY.
  • Before you begin, clean the printhead 5 times to get rid of the old ink.
  • If you see the pattern on Nozzles a bit restored but still is not clean enough, wait for next 24 hours before you can clean the Printhead once again.

However, before you begin, do not attempt to convert a standard printer that is not printing correctly. Before you can continue with the conversion, make sure its clean and working excellently.

You may start sublimation printing now that your printer has been converted to Sublimation Ink. Print your photos on sublimation move paper that is specifically designed for sublimation printing for the best results.

Using a heat compress, move the prints onto the sublimation transparent or polyester texture. Although it is possible to achieve reasonable results without darkening the material, the coloring range will be severely limited.

The color cartridges and the inks must be replaced in a professional way in order to offer high-grade sublimated material printouts.


This was an easy solution step by step for how to convert Epson 7620 to sublimation printer. We shared details for this type of printer that comes as an inkjet printer but can be converted to a sublimation printer for printing. If you have queries about the conversion, see FAQ.


Can you convert Epson 7620 to sublimation printer?

Because Epson 7620 uses Micro Piezo printing head, it is possible to convert it into a sublimation printer. You only have to switch the cartridges and refill the ink with sublimation ink.

Is it feasible to make a sublimation printer out of my old Epson printer?

Only a brand-new tank-based printer that has never been replenished with any other ink may be converted to sublimation. Using the included syringes, inject any high-quality ink into your printer.

Is it possible to sublimate with any inkjet printer?

Sublimation printing is not possible with inkjet printers that employ a thermal printing head. As a result, Hewlett Packard, Canon, Lexmark, and Dell inkjet printers are not compatible. Sublimation printing may be done with printers that include a Micro Piezo printing head.

How to Convert a New Printer into sublimation printer?

You may use inks for sublimation to replace them with existing inks of your printer. It is not recommended that you use the Epson cartridges that come with the printer. Once you get a good set of ink to be used with your printer for sublimation, you will be able to obtain better and enhanced results in shorter time.

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