How To Make Sublimation Brighter? Complete Guide

Making your sublimation brighter depends on a variety of things; you won’t achieve brighter results unless you use the proper sublimation accessories and adhere to all applicable rules and regulations. 

By increasing the time and temperature, you can achieve encouraging results and make your sublimation brighter. Changes should be performed with caution because increased temperature and time can burn your design and material. This article will describe a couple of methods that you can use to make sublimation brighter

How To Make Sublimation Brighter?

The following are some of the ways using which you can make your sublimation brighter.

Quality Sublimation Paper

Quality Sublimation Paper

The image may have faded or lost brightness because you chose the wrong side of the paper. Or perhaps you made a poor paper choice, which also has an impact on your design. On the sublimation paper, there is a coated surface, and this is the side that you will need to use in order to print your sublimation. 

Take Care Of Temperature And Time

When you want outcomes that are more vivid and dazzling, temperature and time are quite important. You use a heat press printers to sublimate and transfer the design to your craft, so be sure to set the temperature just right and press your craft for the required amount of time. And you transmit the design for 60 seconds at 385 F.

Varying The Brightness

This element is more significant for your print’s brightness. To acquire the desired print, first, adjust the brightness level if you haven’t already. Simply, you will have to enter the printer driver setup window, and then you will have to choose the manual color adjustment option under the main tab. After selecting the manual color, choose from the options for light, dark, and standard brightness. By choosing the appropriate choice, you can finish the configuration by clicking the main tab.

The Right Sublimation Printer

Another important element that contributes to the sublimation’s vividness is the printer. And unless you select the proper best sublimation printer, you cannot achieve a brighter outcome. Use only those printers that are up to date and provide a facility to replace cartridges. Avoid using printers that use faulty cartridges. 

Sublimation Ink

You might think that the sublimation ink and color on the paper are dull when you look at the printed design. It is typical since colors get drab when printed. However, it turns full color when the proper pressure and heat are applied. 

When the ink turns to gas and absorbs into the polyester material, the colors become vivid and dazzling. High-quality sublimation ink is also necessary to prevent color fading and scratching because premium sublimation inks deliver premium colors and incredible compatibility.


Another element that is significant and useful in enhancing the brilliance of your sublimation is pressure. Just exercise common sense when pressing the craft at high pressure, which causes the material’s design to take on an orange appearance. 

Additionally, applying light pressure can lead you to the image or design’s revelation. So, after examining the craft, you’ll make a decision. By the way, the crafts can sublimate at the specified temperature with medium pressure.

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Six of the most effective techniques for enhancing the brightness of your sublimation are listed in this post. The article will be of great help if you want to utilize the amazing technique of sublimation and want to get amazing results. 

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