How To Make Sublimation Coating For Stainless Steel? Step By Step Guide

Every product cannot be sublimated since the best results from sublimation printing require 100% polyester materials. Additionally, polyester-coated material is required for sublimation. 

However, you need not worry if your product is uncoated or made of non-polyester. Before beginning the sublimation process, you must coat the uncoated material if you want to sublimate it. This article will provide details that can help you on how To Make Sublimation Coating For Stainless Steel at home.

 How To Make Sublimation Coating For Stainless Steel?

The following items are necessary for using the sublimation technique:

Additionally, you will need some special material for stainless steel(bottles):

  • Syringe
  • Poly-glass and depress catalyst
  • Paintbrush
  • Mug press or Oven
  • Measuring cup

Now comes all the steps for making sublimation coating for stainless steel:

Step 1: Utilizing And Combining Catalyst With Poly-Glass

Make sure you have all the ingredients stated above in the initial stage. If not, purchase them and begin the procedure in this manner. After buying, you should pour the polyglass into the measuring cup in accordance with the area where the material has to be sublimated. Then, using the syringe up to 1ML, inject the catalyst into that cup. You will now mix the poly-glass and catalyst using whichever tools you use to pour them.

Step 2: Bottles Made Of Stainless Steel With Sublimation Coating

You must ensure that the surfaces are flawlessly clean and smooth prior to painting them. And completely prepared for coating. Place a piece of cotton there to protect the area if you are coating something valuable there. When everything is prepared, use the paintbrush to completely coat the stainless steel surfaces.

Additionally, you can cover the coated stainless steel with bottle containers to shield it from bubbles or wrinkling. 

Step 3: Sublimation Artwork

The sublimation process begins when the coating has been completed. The sublimation artwork that you want to be printed should already be designed. 

Step 4: The Design Being Printed On A Sublimation Printer

It’s time to use a sublimation printer to print the design after it has been created. It makes use of sublimation ink, which makes text or colors appear on the paper. Additionally, paper is used, on which all the colors and designs are printed; the printed design is then retained by the paper and transferred to the material. Therefore, be sure to select all the necessary sublimation equipment for excellent results.

Step 5: The Final Process Of Preparing The Stainless Steel

Bring the printed paper now, and use heat-resistant tape to attach it to the stainless steel. And roll the bottles entirely in parchment paper for the safety of the mug press.

Step 6: Activating The Mug Press And Applying Pressure On The Material

Now set your mug press or Oven to 360 degrees Fahrenheit and increase the time to 60 seconds. And after that, put your stuff in the mug press and press it there for 60 seconds. Lift the cup press and the material when the timer goes off. Remove the parchment paper, adhesive tape, and printed paper once it has cooled and is touchable.

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This article has provided you with six easy steps that you can use for making sublimation coating for stainless steel at home. 

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